Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Where have you been?

I can't believe it has been so long since I have written. Just busy and lazy at the same time. So what have I been doing. Setting the family's financial foundation for my family's financial future. That is a whole lot of alliteration. I have been training on the bike, mostly in the basement and some outdoors. I also started crossfit about a month ago to regain the strength of my youth. I have done some racing with some success.

So where to now. Start focusing on this falls cyclocross racing. This will be a new race format for me on an old hodge podge cross bike. As mentioned before I started cross fit. Wow, I didn't think I was that week and didn't know how tough crossfit is. It ain't easy.  I will be focusing on family and focusing on bike racing for next year!

What did I do today?

4:45- 2 cups of coffee cream no sugar
5:15- Crossfit work out

         GRACE: For Time
         30 Clean and Jerks Rx 135/95          6:38 @ 85#
         Post Recovery 1 k row                      4:00 @ 6.5

6:30- Bible Study : Galations 1:1-1:10

        Question to Ponder: Am I living to please man or to please Jesus?

Journal Entry:

I would love to say I lead a Christ focused life, but I don't. I focus on what the world views me as. I fail people all the time and because of that people have a dim view of me because my actions are shallow. Actions are always shallow when trying to please others. There isn't any authenticity. I need a refocus. Turn my eyes on Jesus, not man. Live and lead a life centered on Him. Be pleasing to Him, because I will always fall short in the eyes of man.

Action step: Begin reading/meditating daily on the words of Jesus.

Breakfast: Fried egg on toast...yum.

Currently reading Data Driven Instruction.

more to come...