Monday, September 2, 2013


My new life goal for fitness is to...

Get Lean 
Get Strong
Get Fast 

So how I am I going to do this. focused workouts and journaling. Both are my weaknesses. Yes, I am going to watch what I eat.

WOD: 2 person team
5 Min AMrAP
10 Thrusters  75 lbs
10 Toes 2 Bar

Partner: Farmer Holds... 53 Kb

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP
20 OH Lunges 75 lbs
20 Front Squats 75 lbs

Partner holds squat.

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP
30 KBS 35 lbs
30 Wall Balls

Partner holds plank.

Doing cross fit is paying off! You need to workout

Later tonight... indoor trainer workout.


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