Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Turkey Day

Well, I thought Turkey day I would gain some weight! I was really surprised when I got on the scale and it read, drum roll please, 182 lbs. I almost feel on the floor and broke a hip. I even checked the scale to see if the settings were correct. Final verdict. 182lbs.

I credit the weight loss to my Insane workout, hard working wife for helping plan the meals (hiding the bags of chips and chocolates) and a killer 40 mile ride yesterday with Summit Freewheelers.

Let me tell you about the 40 mile ride. Started the morning off with half a bagel w/ cream cheese and a cup of coffee. Ok, 2 cups of coffee. Meet up with the Rich, George, Jim and Aaron at Barlow Trail Head and hit the road with 2 water bottles. We blasted the first 20-25 miles with an average of 19 -20 mph. I was feeling really good. We turned into the wind at about mile 30. I looked away for a moment and I got dropped. I sucked it up and fought back. Actually they waited for me at the next light. We waited for Jim who was about a mile behind. We stayed as a group for the rest of the way home. These were 10 tough miles. Some where along the way I hit the wall. I hit it hard but I suffered along the way. George dropped back to pick me up and talked about his new T.T. bike he is thinking of building. Then my saddle slipped. I have never had that happen before in my entire cycling career. It slipped bad! It was pointing to the 1 o'clock position. I rode about 6 miles with the saddle that way. The boys are very sore to say the least. Big thanks to George for pulling me home!

Post ride, I felt it. I was starving. I need the sugar bad. I had the shacks. When I get really low on sugar I begin to shack, break out in a hot sweat and get very disoriented. Thankfully Pulp was open. Tag the owner was working Turkey Day and he made me a power smoothie. It was awesome! Big thanks to Tag!

I finally got home and crashed. I feel asleep before I hit the pillow. Slept for 1/2 hour, showered and joined the cooking frenzy in the kitchen. The feast was a blaze. Food was every where and the table was set. All we were waiting for was the timer on the turkey to pop.

The only real reason I didn't gain weight on Turkey Day is... I really don't like turkey. I eat it, but i gorge on the sides. After a big bonk, my stomach is in knots so I don't eat much.

So, 182 lbs.

Lessons learned...
  1. Eat more before a big ride.
  2. Have recovery food in the jersey.
  3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Now, it is time to do some Black Friday shopping!


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