Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week One Done!

Week One of an Insane workout done. You know I don't usually buy into an infomercial. I usually take what they promise with a grain of salt. This program is a home run. I have followed the workout program the first week to the best of my ability. I only missed one workout. I have followed the nutrition portion well.

The results, well I can really say that the workouts really test you. they work you hard! The harder you work out the better the result obviously. Let me say this, I can't keep up! I keep plugging away. By the end of the first week I was doing much better. The first three days I really hurt!!! I really could tell that I pushed myself and that there would be some muscle made. As for weight lose, I have dropped about 1lb. I think this is a great result. I know I have replaced fat for muscle. I look to drop another 1lb this week. If I drop more I will do the happy dance!

This weeks goals...

  1. Decrease coffee and sugar intake. Major weight loss barriers.
  2. Focus on meal prep and logging my nutrition.
  3. Doing morning workouts.
  4. Cycling at night! 
I will start daily logs this Monday.

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