Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tart Cherry Juice

The day after I turned 43 it was time to see the doctor. After a summer full of cycling. I was tired and sore. I logged almost 10,000 miles since last January. A combination of spinning, indoor training and hitting the bike. I actually took some time off, gained weight and thought time would heal th soreness. However, the doctor thought the aging process was catching up with me and told me about Tart Cherry. Some old lady recommended it. She said that after she drank it her pain level was much better. So, the doctor inturn thought it might help me. Okay, I am drinking old lady juice. Tart Cherry Juice. Today began the training process. Man it hurt. Thought I would vomit at least three times during spin class. I tasted it and carried on. Well 26 miles logged. Back to training. And yes, old lady juice.

Keep watching as I build my winter training bike.

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