Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Real Workout for the New Year

Wow! Two hours on the trainer. CycleOps fluid trainers are awesome. They have a lot of resistance and they really make me sweat. I don't know what the real world difference of speed on a fluid trainers are when compared to riding the road. What I do know is that your speed is slower and your legs burn. That said, this should really get me in shape for Calvin's Challenge and The Diabolical Double.

One really kewl thing about training indoors is you can really catch up on television and movies. I watched X-Men for the 33 time.

Today's totals...

32 miles
15.9 average
1800 calories burned

Running Total  62.5 miles

Check out the Garmin data!

1/11/12 Trainer Data

Check out Garmin products. They make really awesome bike computers. I got my bike computer from one of my Team H2Ope team mates last year. Really awesome data and really helped my training.

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