Friday, January 6, 2012

The Plan

I have been considering what I will do this year. After completing RAAM I knew I could find more challenging rides out their. However, I wanted to challenge myself for the whole year.

The Plan

Overall Goal is to ride 12,000 miles this year!

So,  how am I going to do this. Ride my bike like crazy. If you do the math, I would have to ride my bike about 40 miles per day every day for the rest of the year. Very doable.

How will I calculate the 12,000 miles since I can't ride my bike everyday. The weather just doesn't allow for that in Northeast Ohio.

The Math...

  • I will use indoor spinning workouts to add to the total.
  • Stationary bike spin workouts in my basement.
  • Commuting to work this spring.
  • Rides with various NE Ohio Cycling Clubs.
  • Races, local criteriums, group rides and tours.
The Races/Tours I have scheduled this year are...

Calvins Challenge
Westlake Criteriums
Deepcreek Diabolical Double Gran Fondo (Christmas present from Claudia)
Eddy's Sweet Corn Challenge
Ohio Gran Fondo
Cyclocross races 

Stay in touch! Follow My milage. Meet me for rides! Check back soon for more rides and ride descriptions. 

See you on the road,

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