Sunday, January 29, 2012

Long Ride, didn't happen

Life just get in the way. After doing a full review of cold weather gear and my tires I concluded that I wasn't prepared to embark on 100 miles in the snow and cold! I really wished I could have made it.

Good news is that the replacement CycleOps trainer is back. I found it at my front door Saturday afternoon put it back together and rode it for 1 hour. That is all I had to give. My mom was over, cooked a roast and hung out for a couple hours.

The trainer is the updated or upgraded version. The previous trainer had the old knob style adjuster. They new one has a flip handle. Adjust it once and your done. Jury is still out on which one I like better but it was nice to it back.

One thing I noticed was the resistance seemed to be more than the old one. The increased resistance could also be from lower gearing for the rear cassette. I had to change out the rear wheel due to a bald and cable showing old tire. The rear cassette on the new wheel is 11-23. The old wheel was 12-27. The combination of new trainer and new wheel set up could have been a big resistance increase. Not a big deal. More resistance = more strength= more endurance.

New Trainer is ready to roll! Thanks CycleOps!

The goal for this week is to get the proper gear for winter riding and get my Look Keo Pedals replaced. The right pedal is clicking like crazy. Bad bearings and from what I can tell they are not replaceable. I hope I can score a warranty replacement pedals from Look. If not I have to think about what I will replace them with. I need something that is servicable, rebuildable and will give a long service life!

Milage for Saturday: 16.5 miles
Year to Date: 244.48

I know it isn't much but a Roast Beef dinner was calling me!

I am behind but there is so much time to catch up!


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