Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Crap, it's been a week

Hey all,

Sorry, it's been a week with out a post. I would like to say I was really busy but I haven't. I have been distracted doing a lot of busy stuff. Not that any of it wasn't important.

I met with Chris Solyntjes last week to talk about a project I would have on my heart. Stay in touch. I will need your help with this project. I can't wait to we begin working on it full tilt. Stay Tuned!

Last weeks training didn't go so well. With so many distractions I failed to focus on my training. One thing about training is that there is always another day. The bad thing about there always being another day is that you might get in a cycle of there is always another day.

Went to spin class at Twinsburg Fitness Center and got a great work out in with Jeff. This is the first time a I had spin class with Jeff. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a really great work out and the sweat poured like rain in Cleveland.

Also, forget to mention that I formed a leak in im my fluid trainer. After 8 years or more and several hundred hours of training time my CycleOps fluid trainer began to leak. I checked the warranty on line and found that it only had a 3 year warranty on the resistance unit. I thought I would have to spend over $300.00 dollars on a new trainer. Claudia (my wife) called CycleOps and they said they would replace it even though it was 5 years out of warranty. Wow! If I ever have to buy another trainer, CycleOps is where I will go! So, the resistance unit is the mail and in a few days I will have a leak free unit.

Totals so far ...

Saturday: 2 hours on the trainer 33.18 miles
Sunday: 1 hour on trainer 16.8 miles
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 26 miles spin Bike

Total for the Year 193.48

I will be getting in a long ride in this Saturday outdoors with Long Distance Cycling Club of Cleveland. I going to attempt to get 100 miles in. Lets see how things go.

Peace Out!

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